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Almost 37,000 Ukrainians Officially Considered Missing

Almost 37,000 Ukrainians Officially Considered Missing
Ombudsman's Office/Facebook

In a recent announcement, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets revealed the following statistic: nearly 37,000 individuals, including children, other civilians, and military personnel, have been registered as missing in Ukraine.

Moreover, amidst the ongoing war, Ukrainian authorities have confirmed the unlawful detention of approximately 1,700 individuals by Russian forces. Only 147 have been brought home.

Dmytro Lubinets disclosed these figures during an event held in Kyiv on April 16 called “Civilians in Russia’s Illegal Detention: Joint steps of the authorities and the civil society for their release”. The event served as a platform to address the plight of those affected by the war and underscore the urgent need for international attention and action to address this humanitarian crisis.

It’s important to stress that the presented figures only include officially registered missing cases, with real numbers most likely higher when taking into account the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

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