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Denmark to Allocate €420 Million for Ukraine’s Reconstruction and Energy Sector

The Ukrainian Minister of Economy Yulia Svyridenko and the Danish Minister of Entrepreneurship Morten Bedskow have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on long-term cooperation and reconstruction of Ukraine.

The memorandum states the intent of the Danish government to allocate about €40 million to support the private sector involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine, as well as €380 million to support critical infrastructure that uses renewable energy.

“Ukraine’s fight for freedom is also our fight for freedom. Your country’s support must continue. And Danish business has repeatedly shown what it is made of. We must not allow Putin’s attacks to stand in the way of investment in rebuilding a free Ukraine. Today, our cooperation is already fruitful, but now we will make it even stronger, the Danish knowledge and innovations will be able to benefit Ukrainians and help you rebuild your country,” said Morten Bedskow.

Special attention will be paid to the green transformation of the economy and the implementation of innovative solutions in the field of critical infrastructure, where Denmark has a leading position in the world market.

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