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EU Considers Imposing Sanctions on Companies Exporting Weapon Technology to Russia

The European Union is currently evaluating the possibility of imposing sanctions on over a dozen companies identified for their involvement in the procurement and supply of restricted goods from the EU to Russia. This assessment, as reported by Bloomberg, highlights the importation of millions of euros worth of restricted European goods by these companies, based not only in Russia but also in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China, and Hong Kong.

Despite the EU’s extensive trade restrictions, these companies have continued to supply goods to the Russian military. The document suggests that these goods, including technology vital for Russian weaponry used in Ukraine, have been sourced through various channels, including third countries and affiliated entities.

Notably, the EU is considering sanctions against select Chinese and Hong Kong-based companies accused of providing Russia with satellite images and other technologies. The document indicates that some of the companies under scrutiny have ties to Russian and Belarusian entities, despite being headquartered outside of Russia. Some of the companies currently under assessment have previously faced sanctions imposed by the United States.

Discussions among EU member states regarding the implementation of a new sanctions package are expected to commence later this week. It is important to note that EU sanctions necessitate unanimous approval from all member states for enforcement.

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