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EU Expands Sanctions on Belarus, Targeting Key Industries to Halt Evasion


On June 29, the European Union expanded sanctions against Belarus, aiming to mirror some of the restrictive measures imposed on Russia and thereby address issues of sanctions evasion. The EU Council’s decision includes continuing the ban on exporting dual-use goods and advanced technologies, along with additional restrictions on exports that could strengthen Belarusian industrial capabilities.

Further measures prohibit the import, purchase, or transfer of gold, diamonds, helium, coal, and mineral products, including crude oil, from Belarus. Additionally, new restrictions on exporting goods and technologies for use in oil refining and natural gas liquefaction were introduced.

The EU Council also prohibits the provision of certain services to Belarus, its government, state bodies, corporations, or agencies, including accounting, architectural, engineering, advertising, and market research services.

Moreover, the EU extended the ban on transporting goods via EU territory using trailers and semi-trailers registered in Belarus, including when transported by trucks registered outside Belarus.

The decision mandates EU exporters to include a “no-Belarus clause” in future contracts, prohibiting re-export to Belarus or use of crucial goods and technologies, military goods, firearms, and ammunition in Belarus.

To minimize sanctions evasion risks, the EU will prohibit transit through Belarusian territory of dual-use goods and technologies, goods and technologies that could enhance Belarusian military capabilities or develop its defense and security sector, and goods that could strengthen Belarusian industrial capacities.

Additionally, to counteract the re-export of military goods found in Ukraine or critical to the development of Russian military systems, EU operators selling such goods to third countries must implement due diligence mechanisms.

Earlier on June 24, the EU adopted its 14th package of economic and individual restrictive measures against Russia, marking the first sanctions targeting Russian gas since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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