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EU Meeting Concludes Without Patriot Missile Systems Pledged to Ukraine

European ministers stated on Monday, April 22 during the Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg that they were urgently exploring ways to enhance Ukraine’s air defense capabilities, but fell short of making concrete pledges regarding the Patriot systems.

With Russia intensifying air attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and cities, EU governments face pressure to provide additional protective systems to Kyiv. Countries possessing US-made Patriots, which Ukraine already utilizes and highly appreciates for their capability to intercept ballistic missiles, remained non-committal during Monday’s meeting.

In recent weeks, as Kyiv intensified its efforts to acquire more Patriots, Germany emerged as the sole EU nation to promise an additional battery. Moreover, Berlin is leading a campaign to secure more air defense support for Ukraine from other countries including Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, and Sweden, which also posses Patriot systems.

Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonson mentioned that Stockholm had already agreed to provide air defense weapons to Ukraine, including the RBS 70 portable system. When asked about supplying Patriots, Jonson did not rule out the possibility but emphasized the current focus on financial contributions and potentially additional RBS 70 systems to alleviate pressure on the Patriots.

Spanish foreign minister Jose Manuel Albares said: “We are well aware of Ukraine’s need for air defence and especially Patriot, and Spain has always done whatever it could.”

On Saturday 20th of April, US Congress voted in favor of long-awaited $60.8bn Ukraine aid package, which is set to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities and economic resilience amid escalating Russian attacks.

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