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Google Adds Crimean Tatar Language to Its Translator


Google is preparing the biggest expansion of its translator up to date, where it will add 110 new languages, including Crimean Tatar, the company said in a statement on June 27.

Crimean Tatars are indigenous people of Crimea, the autonomous republic located in southern Ukraine on the Black Sea. In 2014, Russia invaded and unlawfully annexed Crimea, a move condemned by the international community.

“Today, we use artificial intelligence to expand the variety of languages ​​we support. With our extensive PaLM 2 language model, we’re starting to add 110 new languages ​​to Google Translate, our biggest expansion ever,” Google wrote.

The Crimean Tatar language is a Turkic language, the native language of the Crimean Tatars ​​that needs additional protection according to the UNESCO classification. In January 2023, the National Commission for the Crimean Tatar Language was established in Ukraine to protect it.

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