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Italy Confirms Air Defense Systems in Latest Ukraine Military Aid Pack

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, has officially confirmed the inclusion of the SAMP/T air defense system in the new package of military assistance to Ukraine.

In an interview on “Rai Radio” on Monday, Tajani underscored that the Italian government is in the process of assembling “another comprehensive package” of military support, the specifics of which, consistent with past practice, will remain confidential.

“While the precise contents are not public knowledge, it is confirmed that Italy will be providing the SAMP-T air defense system in response to Ukraine’s specific request for enhanced protection,” stated Tajani.

He further reiterated Italy’s steadfast stance, affirming that Italy will refrain from deploying troops to Ukraine and emphasized that Italian weaponry is strictly intended for defensive purposes, forbidding any offensive actions against Russia.

Ukraine previously received the SAMP/T system in 2023. Also known as MAMBA, this joint Franco-Italian defense system boasts capabilities including the tracking of targets and the interception of up to 10 simultaneously, distinguishing itself as the sole European-manufactured system capable of countering ballistic missiles.

Prior media disclosures aligned with Italy’s intentions to provide Ukraine with additional military assistance.

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