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Kharkiv Leads Ukraine With New Department for Inclusive Accessibility

The Hero city of Kharkiv. (Source: open source)
The Hero city of Kharkiv. (Source: open source)

Kharkiv is the first city in Ukraine to create a department of inclusive accessibility and barrier-free environment, the goal of which is to make the city accessible to everyone, including those affected by Russia’s invasion.

“This is a response to the demand of our time to radically rethink the entire urban space, from the streets and public transport to the buildings, stairs, and parks of Kharkiv,” wrote Ihor Terekhov, the Mayor of Kharkiv.

The Mayor called for the necessity of forming a completely different urban philosophy, creating such conditions under which everyone who lives in Kharkiv, regardless of age, gender, or health, will be able to have free access to any service or public space.

“Ensuring equal access to participation in public life is our direct duty, in particular, to the participants and veterans of hostilities who are sacrificing themselves for us and our country right now,” Terekhov added.

Kharkiv city continues its fight despite the Kharkiv region being shelled by Russia on a daily basis, causing civilian casualties.

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