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Kuleba: Peace in Europe Depends on Allies' Determination to Help Ukraine Against Russian Aggression

Timely provision of all necessary weapons and ammunition for Ukrainian soldiers is in the pragmatic interests of Ukraine’s allies, as Russia’s aggressive plans extend far beyond our borders and threaten the whole of Europe.

This was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on May 16 during an online speech at the Impact'24 conference in Poznan, Poland.

“Over the past few years, Ukraine has won on the battlefield every time it has had enough resources. At the same time, when we face a shortage, the situation worsens. Our victories are your victories. Our failures are your failures,” the minister said.

Kuleba emphasized the partners’ own interests in supporting Ukraine. Particularly in the case when battlefield victories weaken the domestic critics of Ukraine’s allies.

The Foreign Minister stressed that war transcends Ukrainian national borders, making resistance a shared responsibility for all partners.

“Whether there will be peace in Europe or a great war now depends on the determination of Europe and its allies to really help Ukraine overcome Russian aggression. The only condition for this to become a reality is to provide us with all the necessary weapons and to do so without delay,” Kuleba emphasized.

The Foreign Minister called on allies to thwart the Russian regime’s aggressive plans against Ukraine and the rest of Europe, as the fate of the entire European continent depends on it.

“Before the invasion, Putin clearly outlined his insane ambitions: to return NATO to the geopolitical borders of 1997. In the imagination of the Russian dictator, he is already at war with the EU and NATO. Russia is already using energy blackmail, interfering in elections, bribing politicians, undermining military warehouses, poisoning people, using migrants as weapons, and so on”.

Highlighting the need for sustained allied resolve to secure victory, Kuleba emphasized that history favors perseverance. He asserted that the Putin regime will inevitably fall and called for continued cooperation among Euro-Atlantic allies to bolster collective resilience and security.

He further expressed his gratitude to Poland for its unwavering support from the outset of the Russian invasion, including the prompt delivery of military equipment and the establishment of a crucial logistics hub in Rzeszow.

Earlier, Dmytro Kuleba and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a briefing on May 15 in Kyiv, establishing the key points of further Ukraine’s strategy and alliance between the countries.

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