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Moldovan Parliament Condemns Russia's Genocidal Policy of Forced Deportation of Ukrainian Children

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova has officially condemned the genocidal actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, particularly the forced displacement and deportation of Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories to Russian territory.

This was announced by Olena Kondratiuk, Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, who highlighted that the declaration came to fruition following her direct appeal to Moldova's parliamentary leadership.

60 out of 79 present members of parliament voted in favor of the resolution, with no opposition voiced against it.

“This is another practical result of Ukrainian parliamentary diplomacy! I asked for such a document to be considered during meetings with the Speaker of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, and the Vice-Speaker, Doina Gherman, when I recently visited Moldova on a working visit. My colleagues welcomed this initiative and assured me that this important issue will be considered in the near future,” said Olena Kondratiuk.

Doina Gherman, Vice Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, emphasized the significance of the resolution, stating that it signifies Moldova's condemnation of Russia's denial of the Ukrainian nation's existence and its inhumane treatment of Ukrainian children, actions which meet the criteria of genocide under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

According to Kondratiuk, the Moldovan Parliament joined the PACE, the European Parliament, the US Congress, the parliaments of Canada, Poland, the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Iceland, and other countries that have adopted similar resolutions.

“I am grateful to the leadership of the Parliament of Moldova, Speaker Igor Grosu and Deputy Speaker Doina Gherman for their leadership and determination in protecting the rights of Ukrainian children and international humanitarian law! I am grateful to all the MPs who voted for this Declaration,” said Deputy Chairperson.

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