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NATO Adopts Resolution Urging To Lift Restrictions on Ukraine's Use of Western Arms For Targets Inside Russia

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly adopted a declaration urging Alliance members to expedite arms supplies to Ukraine and to lift restrictions on strikes with Western weaponry on military targets in Russia.

As stated, the declaration was approved by a majority of over 200 legislators from all 32 Alliance countries.

Michal Szczerba, head of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, stated that Ukraine can only defend itself if it is given the ability to attack Russian supply lines and bases.

“Ukraine can only defend itself if it can attack Russia’s supply lines and Russian bases of operation. It is time to recognise this reality and let Ukraine do what it must,” he added. “NATO will be significantly weakened, losing credibility, if we continue assisting with half measures.” 

Szczerba also emphasized the importance of swift and unhindered delivery of air defense systems and other vital weaponry to Ukraine.

The NATO Summit scheduled for July in Washington should make progress on an enhanced Alliance role in providing and coordinating long-term military assistance for Ukraine, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg told legislators.

“Allies have not delivered what they promised on air defence, these gaps, these delays in military support have had consequences on the ground. There is an urgent need for Allies to step up,” he said. “We also need more long-term financial commitment ... I hope that Allies can agree a multi-year financial pledge, because the Ukrainians need more long-term knowledge, more predictability to plan and invest.” 

Earlier, Stoltenberg concurred on the need to lift restrictions on the use of weapons, stating, “The right to self-defence includes hitting legitimate targets outside Ukraine.”

“This is part of self-defense. We see this clearly now in the battles in the Kharkiv region because Russian forces are on Russian territory, attacking Ukrainian territory at the border,” NATO Chief said.

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