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NATO Crafts Ukraine Defense Plan Ahead of Potential Trump Return


According to the Wall Street Journal report on July 1, NATO intends to create a senior representative role in Kyiv and establish a new command in Germany aimed at coordinating assistance for Ukraine.

These measures are a part of NATO's efforts to secure consistent assistance for Ukraine in anticipation of a potential return of Donald Trump to the White House after the upcoming US presidential election later in November 2024. Former President Trump has frequently criticized NATO and aid to Ukraine.

Last week, NATO countries advanced a plan for the alliance to assume responsibility from the US in coordinating military aid to Ukraine, a move seen as a strategic effort to safeguard the Ukraine Defense Contact Group from potential changes in US leadership.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the upcoming NATO summit in Washington is expected to announce new measures, including the establishment of a command center in Wiesbaden, Germany, to oversee the distribution of military equipment and the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

The plans had been in the works for several months. 

"The high-profile envoy post would also send a political message to both Ukraine and Russia about the alliance’s commitment to Kyiv’s fight as the Ukrainian government seeks permanent NATO membership to bulk up its protection against Russian military aggression," Foreign Policy journalists wrote in the beginning of June.

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