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NATO Plans Major Expansion with 35-50 Brigades to Deter Russian Threats


NATO will require an additional 35 to 50 brigades to fully implement its new defense plans against potential Russian aggression, according to a military source speaking to Reuters. Each brigade typically consists of 3,000 to 7,000 personnel, making the creation of these additional units a significant challenge.

It was disclosed that Germany alone would need to quadruple its air defense capabilities as part of NATO’s efforts. Last year in Vilnius, NATO leaders agreed on the alliance’s first major defense plans in over three decades, which officials have since been translating into specific military requirements.

Further updates on these plans are expected during this week’s summit in Washington marking NATO’s 75th anniversary. NATO’s official spokesperson stated that military planners have identified detailed force and equipment requirements necessary for the alliance’s defense.

Key priorities include air and missile defense, long-range weaponry, logistics, and large-scale ground maneuvers. The spokesperson indicated that NATO will likely set higher capability targets for its members as they develop forces capable of executing plans and countering current threats. The German Ministry of Defense declined to comment on future NATO plans, citing their classified nature, but emphasized ongoing coordination with NATO to align member states' force and equipment needs.

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