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NATO Secures €40 Billion Defense Plan for Ukraine in 2025

NATO Secures €40 Billion Defense Plan for Ukraine in 2025
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg takes a question from a reporter as he arrives at the 2024 NATO summit on July 10, 2024 in Washington, DC. Source: Getty Images

On June 10, during the NATO summit in Washington, member nations of the North Atlantic Alliance reached a critical agreement to allocate a minimum of €40 billion annually in military aid to Ukraine, starting in 2025. This commitment is outlined in the adopted summit declaration.

The declaration highlights a “minimum core funding” of €40 billion per year for the next year. It emphasizes that the ongoing support will consider Ukraine’s needs, individual national budget processes, and existing bilateral security agreements with Ukraine. Notably, contributions will be reviewed at future summits, beginning with the 2025 summit in The Hague.

The commitment extends to costs related to the provision of military equipment, assistance, and training for Ukraine, including:

  • Purchase of military equipment for Ukraine;

  • In-kind support donated to Ukraine;

  • Costs related to maintenance, logistics and transportation of military equipment for Ukraine;

  • Costs for military training for Ukraine; Operational costs associated with provision of military support to Ukraine;

  • Investments in and support for Ukraine’s defence infrastructure and defence industry;

  • All contributions to NATO Trust Funds for Ukraine, including non-lethal aid.

The agreement ensures that all forms of support — whether provided directly by NATO, bilaterally, or through other channels — are counted towards the €40 billion figure. Furthermore, member states will strive for a fair distribution of this burden, aiming for contributions proportional to their share of the alliance’s GDP.

Member countries are required to submit reports on their contributions to Ukraine twice a year, starting with those made after January 1, 2024. Based on these reports, the NATO Secretary General will provide an overview of all contributions.

The declaration further emphasizes that, in addition to military support, NATO members intend to maintain their commitment to providing Ukraine with ongoing political, economic, financial, and humanitarian assistance.

The NATO summit is being held in Washington, D.C. from July 10-11, bringing together leaders and representatives from all member countries to discuss key issues and future strategies for the Alliance.

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