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New Investigation: Putin's Regime Owns Collection of Luxury Properties in London, Valued at Tens of Millions of Pounds

A new investigation by The Telegraph has uncovered that Vladimir Putin's regime possesses a collection of luxury properties in London valued at tens of millions of pounds.

Earlier in May, the British Government stripped the diplomatic status from "several Russian properties" suspected of serving as spy bases, yet refrained from disclosing their specific locations.

Among them is the luxury 50-room Seacox Heath manor in Hawkhurst, Sussex, frequented as a weekend getaway by Russian embassy personnel, alongside the embassy's trade and defense section located in Highgate, North London. The Telegraph has identified an additional 10 properties in London owned by the Russian Government.

This comes amid rising calls for additional sanctions on Russia, which could help the UK government seize more British-based Russian assets in support of Ukraine’s war effort.

A neighbour of one of the properties in Highgate, with an estimated cost of £2.3 million, said: “You hear stories about people moving into houses in the area and finding surveillance equipment in the attic.”

Earlier, on May 21, Germany expressed its support for a US proposal to utilize frozen Russian assets, primarily held in Europe, in order to provide $50 billion in aid to Ukraine.

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