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Russian Military Aircraft is Suspected of Breaching Finnish Airspace


A Russian aircraft was suspected of violating Finnish airspace on June 10. The incident occurred in the eastern Gulf of Finland, near Loviisa. The aircraft was observed in Finnish airspace for approximately 2 minutes, penetrating as far as 2.5 kilometers inside the border.

Defense Minister Antti Häkkänen stated: “We take the suspected violation of territorial integrity seriously, and an investigation has been promptly initiated.”

The Ministry of Defense, serving as the primary regional control authority, supervises and coordinates regional control activities, while the Border Guard is responsible for conducting preliminary investigations into cases of border violations.

The last confirmed territorial violation by Russian aircraft occurred in August 2022, prior the Finland’s NATO membership. Finland officially became a member of NATO on April 4, 2023.

During the incident, two Russian fighter jets entered Finnish airspace in the Gulf of Finland.

Earlier, in mid-May, Finland proposed to mobilize thousands of its military reservists in order to strengthen its border with Russia.

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