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Russian Missile Strike Injures 14 in Odesa, Targets Postal Service

Russian Missile Strike Injures 14 in Odesa, Targets Postal Service
Source: DSNS

At least 14 people were injured in a Russian missile attack on the southern Ukrainian port city of Odesa on the evening of May 1, as reported by regional Governor Oleh Kiper. The strike, which occurred around 10 p.m. local time shortly after an air raid siren, caused multiple explosions and a massive fire.

Oleh Kiper provided updates on the situation, noting that one man is currently hospitalized in stable condition as a result of the strike.

The attack targeted a depot belonging to Nova Poshta, Ukraine’s largest private postal service, according to the company’s Facebook post. Social media footage showed smoke and flames rising from the aftermath. Reportedly, the strike destroyed 15.5 metric tons of shipments worth almost ₴3 million ($76,000).

The attack ruined not only the depot, but 904 shipments of orders from online stores for clothing, appliances, children's toys, treats for pets, medicines, and care packages, Nova Poshta said.

While no Nova Poshta employees were harmed, the company pledged to compensate customers for any destroyed parcels.

Russia has recently intensified missile attacks on Odesa. On April 29, Russia used ballistic missiles with cluster munitions to strike the city, resulting in the deaths of 5 people and a dog, and injuring at least 32 others.

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