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The Story of Tetyana, the Anti-Aircraft Missile Complex Operator Protecting Her Family and Homeland

The Story of Tetyana, the Anti-Aircraft Missile Complex Operator Protecting Her Family and Homeland
Source: Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Meet Tetyana, an S-300 anti-aircraft missile complex operator, serving in the Kherson anti-aircraft missile brigade. She has two student children, an artilleryman husband, and two Orders of Courage of III and II degrees.

The story of the servicewoman was told in the Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Tetyana has dedicated over 20 years to the anti-aircraft missile troops. Following her husband’s footsteps, she joined the military and has since seen various roles and units. Back then, she never expected such a long commitment.

Their combat record began in February 2022 with the first downed Russian missile over Odesa. Since then, it’s been non-stop: air battles, destroying targets, constant position changes, equipment deployment, and combat duty, Tetyana reflects.

Behind the controls of the S-300, Tetyana expertly tracks and engages targets. Her division has over 140 neutralized threats.

“The S-300 isn’t exactly about cutting-edge technology or automation,” Tetyana explains. “Its success relies heavily on the human element — both individual training and our team’s tight coordination.”

“Even though I’m just a small 'cog' in the air defense machine, I understand the immense responsibility. It’s crucial to catch targets quickly, or the window for interception closes in seconds.”

The pressure during combat operations is undeniable. A single misstep or delay can have devastating consequences. This is why the Air Force views missile and drone takedowns as team victories, not individual achievements.

“I feel essential and in my element,” Tetyana says. “Despite constant fatigue, I’m driven by determination and the will to keep fighting until victory.”

“Of course,” she admits, “I miss spending more time with my family and children. But ultimately, it’s for them that we’re protecting our homes from enemy missiles and relentlessly defeating them!”

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