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Tusk Urges Farmers to End Ukraine Border Blockade: The Fate of War Is at Stake

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has called on Polish farmers to cease the blockade of the border with Ukraine.

Tusk stressed that Ukraine is facing an extremely challenging situation following the recent series of Russian attacks, and the near future could be decisive for the fate of this war: “I want to appeal to everyone in Poland not to do anything that could harm Ukraine… We must make decisions that will protect the Polish border and border crossings,” said Tusk.

PM Donald Tusk emphasized that the Polish government cannot allow blockades of crossings regardless of the justifications for protests. “We cannot in any way harm Ukraine at a time when the fate of the war is being decided,” Tusk stated.

The Prime Minister reminded that border crossings, according to the government’s recent decision, are critical infrastructure. He announced that the government is prepared to provide further assistance to farmers who have lost part of their income.

“I count on reflection and a rejection of such form of protest,” Tusk said. He added that government services will work on clearing the crossing points. However, the head of government does not believe that direct coercive measures are necessary in this case.

It is worth noting that CIA Director William Burns warned on Thursday that if the US Congress does not approve aid to Ukraine now, Kyiv could lose the war by the end of the year.

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