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UK Allocates £150 Million to Strengthen Ukraine’s Energy Sector Amid Russian Attacks

The United Kingdom has pledged £150 million in funding to bolster Ukraine’s energy sector, announced Neil Holland, the UK’s Permanent Representative to the OSCE on April 18.

This decision comes in response to recently intensified shelling targeting Ukrainian energy facilities and civilian infrastructure by Russia.

In a statement, Holland emphasized the resilience of the Ukrainian people in the face of Russian aggression, stating: “Despite such brutality, the people of Ukraine have demonstrated remarkable resilience. Russia’s attacks have once again failed to break Ukraine’s spirit. And Ukraine will not face these challenges alone.”

Additionally, Holland assured continued collaboration between the UK and the G7 to support protection of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure: “We are continuing to work with G7+ partners to help Ukraine repair, protect and build back its energy system. The UK is committed to providing Ukraine with the support it needs to defend itself and to push Russia out of Ukraine’s sovereign territory.”

The commitment from the UK representatives underscores the British solidarity with Ukraine in the ongoing war with Russia, particularly in safeguarding critical energy assets against hostile actions.

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