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Ukraine Opens New Camp Amidst Growing Numbers of Russian POWs Due to Russia's Refusal to Exchange

A surge in Russian surrenders and Russia’s refusal to cooperate with prisoner exchanges is pushing Ukraine to establish additional Prisoners of War (POW) camps. This is likely the first of many such facilities that has to open in 2024.

In contrast to Russia’s treatment of Ukrainian prisoners, Ukraine upholds the Geneva Convention. Russian POWs are held in separate camps and designated areas within detention centers, not with the general prison population. They can still contact family, receive visits from the Red Cross, get packages and money, and participate in work, sports, and leisure activities. These fundamental rights are blatantly denied to Ukrainian POWs held by Russia, a clear breach of their obligations under the Geneva Conventions.

The camps are built with the help of Hochu Zhit — a Ukrainian state initiative that aims to help Russian soldiers surrender safely. The project works with Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence and Defence Intelligence.

Ukrainian intelligence reports revealed a spike in interest in their defection program. Over 35,000 applications, primarily from active Russian military personnel, joined the program by May 10th, 2024. Already, 260 individuals have successfully defected and are now reaping the program’s benefits.

Conversely, it was reported earlier by the National Resistance Center of Ukraine, that a large-scale construction of filtration camps has been launched in Russia’s Volga region under the guise of children’s summer camps.

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