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Ukraine Ready for EU Membership Talks, All Conditions Met, Say Zelenskyy and Ursula Von Der Leyen


Ukraine has fulfilled all conditions for the commencement of negotiations regarding its membership in the European Union, announced President Zelenskyy.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, echoed this sentiment during the Berlin Ukraine Recovery Conference on June 11.

She stated, “Ukraine has met all the requirements outlined by the European Commission, and its ongoing reforms make it an attractive destination for investment and bring it closer to the EU.”

Zelenskyy, speaking at the same conference, confirmed, “As of now, Ukraine has already completed everything necessary for the actual opening of negotiations for our country’s membership in the European Union. All prerequisites have been met.”

He highlighted June 2024 as the anticipated time for the approval of the negotiating framework and the commencement of negotiations.

The president underscored the significance of EU membership for Ukraine, stating, “This is the fulfillment of promises made by Europe and proof that Europe cannot be broken either by pressure or by artificial doubts or manipulations.” He emphasized that Ukraine’s journey towards EU membership is a testament to Europe’s commitment to its promises and its ability to withstand external pressures and doubts.

This conference is being held in the lead-up to Summit on Peace for Ukraine, which will take place in Switzerland on June 15-16. According to Switzerland’s president, nearly 90 countries and organizations, have confirmed attending the summit.

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