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Ukraine’s LGBTQIA+ Community is Rallying for Equality in Kyiv Amidst Russia’s War

Ukraine’s LGBTQIA+ Community is Rallying for Equality in Kyiv Amidst Russia’s War

Even as war rages on, Ukraine’s equal rights campaigners are preparing to hold their annual March for Equality on June 16th, demonstrating the Ukrainian LGBTQIA+ community’s unwavering fight for equal rights.

KyivPride, the leading LGBTQIA+ rights organization in Ukraine, is preparing to hold its annual March for Equality on June 16th. The march, a symbol of the community’s ongoing fight for equal rights, will take place in the Ukrainian capital despite the ongoing war with Russia.

Organizers have not disclosed the exact location of the march due to security concerns, but they have assured participants that all necessary safety measures will be taken and that the event is being coordinated with the Kyiv military administration.

The march serves as a platform for the LGBTQIA+ community to voice its demands for equal civil rights, including the legalization of same-sex marriage and civil partnerships, protection from discrimination, and the implementation of hate crime legislation.

Leading up to the march, KyivPride will host a charity festival on June 9th, featuring a variety of cultural and educational events, including lectures, discussions, workshops, and musical performances. The festival will also include a fundraiser to support Ukrainian soldiers.

The last KyivPride march took place in 2021 and drew a significant crowd of almost 7 thousand people. This year’s event is expected to be a powerful demonstration of the community’s resilience and determination to secure equal rights, even in the face of war.

Many members of the community are actively involved in defending Ukraine against Russian aggression, and the full-scale invasion has highlighted the need to legalize relationships for all couples who have not registered their marriage.

In August 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy responded to a petition calling for the need to give “people of the same sex the opportunity to create a family and have an official document confirming this.”

The introduction of the institute of registered partnership may become the first step towards the legalization of same-sex marriage, and the draft law was developed jointly with LGBTQIA+ communities.

Cover photo: KyivPride March for Equality, 2021. (Source: Can Pac Swire)

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