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Ukrainian Forces Strike Oil Terminals in Russia's Krasnodar Region Using Ukrainian-Made Neptune Missiles

A strike group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Naval Forces hit a ferry crossing and an oil terminal at the Kavkaz port in Krasnodar Region, Russia on May 31, as reported by General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The oil terminal in the Kavkaz port area was hit by several Ukrainian-made missiles from the Neptun coastal missile complex.

Previously, the Ukrainian Defense Forces put out of action the ferries of the Kerch ferry crossing in the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea, which ran to the Kavkaz port and were used for Russia’s military logistics.

“The results of objective control confirm explosions at the aiming points. The accuracy of target destruction is being reconnoitered,” General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated.

The complex operation was carried out in coordination with other components of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

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