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Ukrainian Intelligence Reveals Covert Operation on Russian Missile Warship


In planned operation, Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) organized a significant incident on the Russian missile corvette “Serpukhov” in April this year, revealing details during a recent press conference. The operation was executed in collaboration with the Legion “Freedom of Russia,” a unit comprising Russian volunteers aligned with Ukraine. The press conference, attended by representatives from both the Legion and HUR, clarified that the fire aboard the vessel was deliberately set by a Russian military operative known by the call name“Goga,” who had been cooperating with Ukrainian special services since 2023.

“Goga,” a former serviceman of the Russian Baltic Fleet, joined the Legion due to his opposition to Russia’s actions against Ukraine. His involvement culminated in a sabotage mission where he ignited a fire inside the “Serpukhov,” causing extensive damage to its internal compartments and incapacitating crucial communication and automation systems.

The “Serpukhov,” a Project 21631 Buyan-M class corvette, is equipped Kalibr and Onyx missiles, making it a valuable asset in Russia’s naval fleet. The vessel, launched in 2015, represents a modern addition to Russia’s maritime forces, specializing in missile operations.

Following the end of the operation, “Goga” was brought back to Ukraine. HUR confirmed that the fire had effectively neutralized the ship’s communication and automation infrastructure, rendering extensive repairs necessary for the vessel’s operational readiness.

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