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Ukrainian Teenager Critically Injured After Stabbing Attack in Germany

A 15-year-old Ukrainian refugee was critically injured in a stabbing attack in Dortmund, Germany, on the evening of May 19th. The boy was walking with friends in the Nordstadt district when they encountered another group.

According to German newspaper Bild, an interaction with two girls sparked a confrontation between the teenagers. The situation escalated when a young man from the opposing group pulled out a knife and stabbed the Ukrainian boy’s neck before inflicting a further stab wound to his upper body.

The teenagers managed to escape the scene. The victim walked for a kilometer before collapsing, with paramedics arriving to find him in a critical condition. Emergency medical personnel fought for his life on the street before transporting him to a local hospital. Fortunately, authorities report his condition has since stabilized.

German police are currently investigating the incident as attempted manslaughter. The attacker remains at large, and a search is underway.

In April, a Russian national was accused of murdering Ukrainian soldiers undergoing rehabilitation in the country. Earlier this year, an attack in Düsseldorf resulted in the deaths of two young Ukrainian men, basketball player Volodymyr Yermakov and his friend Artem Kozachenko. In September 2023, in the German city of Einbeck, a man attacked children from Ukraine because they were speaking Ukrainian.

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