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US Intelligence: Kremlin Intensifies Disinformation Campaign Against Zelenskyy

American intelligence agencies have stated that in recent months Russia has intensified its efforts in disinformation campaigns aimed at discrediting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and casting doubt on his legitimacy.

According to assessments by US intelligence, reported by CNN and confirmed by a Biden administration official on condition of anonymity, Russia has capitalized on recent events to fuel criticism of Zelenskyy’s capabilities and leadership of Ukraine.

While Russia has been spreading disinformation about Zelenskyy even before the full-scale war began, the latest US intelligence data shows that “it is definitely growing,” said a US official. Russian disinformation focuses on two main themes — the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka and the postponement of presidential elections in Ukraine.

A Biden administration official explained that the US is concerned about the impact of Russian disinformation not on Ukraine itself, but on its allies, as it could undermine support for Kyiv. As part of these efforts, Washington has also imposed sanctions on individuals linked to Russian disinformation.

American intelligence agencies believe that behind the recent campaign are Russian intelligence services, and disinformation is disseminated through state media, fake websites, and social networks.

“We view this as a natural evolution, or a logical evolution, in Russia’s tactics. Not only have we seen these disinformation efforts increasing but we also expect them to continue to increase,” summarized a CNN source.

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