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EU Accession Talks with Ukraine Stalled Again Over Hungarian Objections


The European Union’s efforts to initiate accession talks with Ukraine faced another setback as member states failed to reach a consensus due to objections raised by Hungary.

Following a meeting of the Permanent Representatives Committee in Brussels, discussions on the matter are set to continue next week, according to a senior European diplomat who spoke to Interfax-Ukraine.

“It is widely acknowledged that the European Commission deems Moldova and Ukraine to have met the necessary conditions for an intergovernmental conference on accession. While many member states expressed agreement, Hungary reiterated its stance, stating it has conditions that must be fulfilled before accepting the Commission’s assessment,” the diplomat explained.

Another diplomat noted Hungary’s persistent concerns regarding Ukraine’s progress on issues related to national minorities.

The diplomats acknowledged the continuation of discussions next week, with speculation that Budapest may compromise for the sake of progress on matters concerning Western Balkan countries, potentially paving the way for negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova.

EU Ambassador to Kyiv, Katarina Mathernova, remains optimistic about Ukraine’s readiness for accession talks and anticipates their commencement by the end of June.

Similarly, President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, during her recent visit to Kyiv, expressed hope for negotiations to begin by the end of the first half of 2024.

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