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German Defense Minister Alerts on Russia Stockpiling Surplus Weapons

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius stated that Russia’s military-industrial complex is already working to stockpile armaments. This was reported by German media source n-tv.

According to Pistorius, Russia is producing weaponry and ammunition beyond what is necessary for conducting it’s war against Ukraine. He noted that as spending on armaments increases and military economy reorganization progresses, “a significant portion, or part of what is produced, no longer goes to the front lines but ends up in warehouses.”

Simultaneously, he warned Europeans about further military ambitions of Russian self-proclaimed President Vladimir Putin:

“You can be naive and say he is doing this merely out of caution. As a skeptical person, in this case, I would say he is doing this because he has plans or could have them,” stated Pistorius.

The remarks come amidst heightened tensions regarding international safety, with Lieutenant General Carsten Breuer, Inspector General of the German Armed Forces, forecasting a potential Russian assault on NATO countries within five to eight years, once its forces, depleted by the war in Ukraine, are replenished.

In recent weeks, multiple NATO member states have issued warnings regarding the looming specter of Russian aggression, underscoring the pressing need for a unified and robust response to safeguard regional security.

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