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Germany to Send Critical Artillery Ammunition to Bolster Ukraine’s Defenses


Germany has announced substantial procurement plans, including ammunition acquisitions, with the potential for transfers to Ukraine. The German Ministry of Defense disclosed that on June 5, the Bundestag’s budget committee approved the purchase of additional 155-mm artillery ammunition. Notably, these munitions could serve to replenish German military stocks and potentially be provided to Ukraine as part of defense assistance.

The German defense ministry explicitly noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces currently face significant expenditures on artillery ammunition, particularly 155-mm rounds. They emphasized the necessity for Ukraine to maintain and expand its own reserves amidst the prevailing global security environment.

Since the start of full-scale war in Ukraine, Germany became the second-biggest aid donor to Ukraine. Besides providing shelter for over one million Ukrainian refugees, Germany has delivered over 20 billion euros in financial or military aid packages.

The procurement of 155-mm ammunition will be funded both from Bundeswehr special funds and the defense budget, amounting to €880 million. While the precise quantity of ammunition to be produced under this budget is undisclosed, previous reports by Western media suggested an order of 200,000 projectiles from Rheinmetall. By rough estimation, the cost of one 155-mm projectile within this order would be approximately €4,400 or roughly $4,788.

Furthermore, the agreement allows for the potential participation of other countries. Negotiations are reportedly underway with nations such as Denmark, Estonia, and the Netherlands to join this initiative.

This announcement comes as Ukraine is set to receive its first shipment of artillery projectiles this month under a Czech initiative. By the end of the year, Ukraine is expected to receive a total of 500,000 artillery munitions as part of this arrangement.

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