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International Drone Coalition Raises Over €500 Million for Ukraine

A drone coalition, co-led by Latvia and the United Kingdom, has surpassed €500 million ($535 million) in funding for the purchase of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for Ukraine.

Announced by Latvian Defense Minister Andris Spruds, the coalition was formed in January 2024 to equip Ukraine with much-needed drones. Since then, it has grown to include seven additional countries: Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Denmark and the Netherlands stand out as the largest contributors thus far, with a joint pledge of €400 million ($535 million) for drone procurement. Canada has also made a significant contribution of €70 million ($75 million).

“This is just the beginning,” said Spruds, highlighting ongoing negotiations with other countries to further expand the coalition. Additionally, Latvia itself has pledged nearly €10 million ($11 million) and previously announced the imminent delivery of €1 million ($1.1 million) worth of drones.

This news comes alongside separate announcements from Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada regarding new batches of multi-mission and reconnaissance drones destined for Ukraine. Lithuania has also committed additional funding to support Ukraine’s production of first-person-view drones.

The collective effort by the drone coalition signifies a significant boost to Ukraine’s ability to utilize UAVs for intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and potentially, combat operations.

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