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Borrell: Western Intervention in Ukraine's Airspace Differs from Israel

Borrell: Western Intervention in Ukraine's Airspace Differs from Israel

Josep Borrell, the EU's top diplomat, addressed the question of why Western nations can't protect Ukraine's airspace like they do for Israel. Borrell stated that while the question is valid, comparing the situations isn't straightforward, referring to the subject as “two distinct things that cannot be compared.”

Borrell highlighted the long and costly process of building Israel's Iron Dome, which plays a crucial role in protecting its airspace. “[Iron Dome] has taken years and years to build and has a very high cost," Borrell told the press after a Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels. He emphasized that replicating such a system for Ukraine would take time and resources. "Even if we had the money in the box, it couldn't be built in one night." 

Regarding Iran's attack, Borrell noted that some missiles flew over air bases of France, the US, the UK, and Jordan, prompting these countries to act in self-defense. "There are no air bases of the United Kingdom or the United States, much less Jordan of course, on Ukrainian territory or in a territory which Russian missiles fly over." 

Borrell accentuated that while the situations are different, there's no doubt that Ukraine urgently needs more and better air defense systems: “But having said that: of course, the delivery of air defense to Ukraine must be accelerated and strengthened."

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron echoed Borrell's statements, cautioning against deploying Western fighter jets over Ukraine, as it could escalate tensions. Cameron emphasized the need for providing Ukraine with more effective air defense systems to address its immediate needs.

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