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Lithuania Allocates €5 Million for Reconstruction of Schools and Kindergartens in Ukraine

Lithuania has contributed €5 million (roughly $5,4 mln) to aid Ukraine in reconstructing schools and kindergartens devastated by Russia. The funds will also be used to equip bomb shelters and install other means of protection in educational institutions.

“As Russia’s war against Ukraine continues, we must help Ukrainians maintain hope for the future. For this, the opportunity to carry out the education of the young generation, even in wartime, ensuring children’s education despite the constant risk of airstrikes, is extremely important,” Minister of Finance of Lithuania, Gintare Skyste, said.

Lithuanian support will be transferred to the account opened by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the National Bank of Ukraine. The funds raised in this account are used for the reconstruction of the country’s educational and scientific institutions that were damaged or destroyed as a result of hostilities, as well as for the purchase of teaching aids and computer equipment, the modernization of the research and innovation infrastructure network, and the provision of a safe educational environment, including the installation of bomb shelters, and for other needs. Funds will be allocated on a bilateral basis from funds borrowed on behalf of the state.

According to World Bank estimations, Ukraine’s total damages are at €450 billion. For immediate reconstruction needs in 2024, an estimated $14 billion is required. The European Union, Western partners, and international financial institutions are providing support for recovery and reconstruction.

Since the beginning of the war, Lithuania’s support for Ukraine amounts to 1.5 percent of the country’s GDP. The Ministry of Finance actively supports Ukraine through the instruments of the European Union and international financial institutions. So far, it has committed nearly €70 million in grants and guarantees. Additionally, €20 million has already been transferred to Ukraine bilaterally since the beginning of the war.

In addition, Lithuania joined a list of countries that allow Ukraine to use Western weapons to target strategic military targets on Russian soil.

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