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Missing Volunteers Suspected Shot by Russian Troops in Vovchansk, Kharkiv Region

Local authorities in Vovchansk, Kharkiv region, are raising concerns about two volunteers who have been missing for four days, suspecting that they may have been shot by Russian troops.

Tamaz Gambarashvili, head of Vovchansk City Military Administration, stated that the volunteers set out on their mission without first coordinating with local authorities, going missing amid the ongoing offensive. Serhii Bolvinov, head of the regional police’s investigative department, indicated that the volunteers never reached their intended destination, with initial reports suggesting they could have become victims to Russian military actions.

“There is information that on the first day of massive shelling and evacuation, volunteers went to the city on their own, without coordinating with either the police or us, not having the information that they did not need to go to the northern part of the city,” said Tamaz Gambarashvili.

“We are investigating this case, but unfortunately, according to preliminary information and witness accounts, the men were shot by Russian soldiers. One of them is likely wounded, the other did not survive,” said Serhii Bolvinov.

Additionally, the Kharkiv region Prosecutor’s Office reported other potential civilian casualties caused by Russian forces in the area, including abduction of civilians, a fatal shooting and a missing person case in the Vovchansk community, though details remain unknown.

Governor of Kharkiv region Oleh Syniehubov stated that around 300 people may still be in Vovchansk, which has seen renewed offensive actions by Russia since May 10.

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