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NATO Develops Supply Routes for Troop Deployment in Case of War With Russia

NATO is developing several routes through which American troops and armored vehicles could be deployed closer to the front line in the event of a large-scale land war with Russia, reports The Telegraph.

Supply routes in Europe have become a key priority for NATO after Alliance leaders agreed last year to prepare 300,000 troops to be on high alert to defend the eastern flank.

To this end, the Alliance is preparing “land corridors” in which military personnel will be able to freely transport cargo without the restrictions imposed on civilians.

According to Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank, who heads NATO’s Joint Logistics Command (JSEC), the command he heads has been studying different routes to deliver troops to counter a Russian invasion for the past five years.

“Everything is created in a way so the necessary resilience exists — robustness, reserves and also redundancies,” Sollfrank explained.

At the same time, Lieutenant General expressed concern that NATO does not have enough air defense assets to cover its eastern flank.

“With regards to air defence… It’s always scarce. I cannot imagine a situation that you have enough air defence. That is a good example where a military principle applies: ‘If you want to be strong everywhere, you are strong nowhere,’” he said.

“Assessing the Russian war in Ukraine, we have observed Russia has attacked Ukraine’s logistics bases. That must lead to the conclusion that it is clear that huge logistics bases, as we know it from Afghanistan and Iraq, are no longer possible because they will be attacked and destroyed very early on in a conflict situation,” Sollfrank concluded.

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