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NATO Raises Concerns Over Suspected Russian Activities Near Critical North Sea Infrastructure


NATO has expressed serious concerns over suspected Russian activities involving critical undersea infrastructure in the North Sea.

According to a recent investigation by Belgian newspaper De Tijd and Follow the Money, non-military Russian ships have engaged in nearly a thousand suspicious actions near important pipelines and cables over the past decade. These actions, occurring in the economic zones of North Sea countries including Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Norway, involved various types of vessels approaching within close proximity to undersea infrastructure for extended periods.

While deviations in sailing patterns are common, the proximity of these Russian ships to pipelines and cables has raised alarms. European authorities, previously neglectful of the security risks to undersea infrastructure, have begun to acknowledge the potential for sabotage, tapping, or manipulation by hostile actors.

The investigation did not uncover evidence of sabotage on Belgian or Dutch cables, although incidents such as the discovery of explosives on a British cable have heightened concerns. NATO reportedly suspects that Russia may have mined critical undersea infrastructure in the North Sea, marking a significant escalation in tensions.

Efforts to monitor and protect these undersea assets have been limited until recently, with advancements in technology offering some capability to detect and neutralize potential threats. However, the effectiveness of these measures remains uncertain.

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