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NATO Summit Expected to Deliver Air Defense Support for Ukraine

The aftermath of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. (Source: Libkos)
The aftermath of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. (Source: Libkos)

A senior US State Department official said on Tuesday, July 2, that Ukraine is anticipated to receive positive developments regarding its request for additional air defense systems at an upcoming NATO summit in Washington next week.

"We hope we'll be able to get to the summit and make some new announcements on air defense," said the official, speaking anonymously. "You've heard that the Ukrainians are keen to secure additional Patriots or similar systems. And I think we'll have some additional good news for them on that front."

Ukrainian officials have been calling on partners for months to provide more air defense systems to protect its cities and civilians against Russia’s daily missile and drone attacks.

As recently as today, July 3, Russia carried out a massive missile attack on Ukraine, killing and injuring tens of civilians. 

Leaders will gather for a North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Washington on July 9-11, aimed partly at commemorating the 75th anniversary of the military alliance.

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