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NATO Summit to Focus on Ukraine's Defense After Russia's Massive Missile Attack

The Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia. (Source: US Department of Defense website)
The Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia. (Source: US Department of Defense website)

The Pentagon stressed the need to provide Ukraine with the needed air defense to deter Russia’s attacks, such as yesterday’s attack on the “Ohmadyt” children's hospital in Kyiv.

Russia’s massive missile attack on Ukraine on Monday, July 9, came as the NATO summit in Washington is set to begin, marking 75 years of the alliance.

The Pentagon’s Press Secretary Air Force Major General Pat Ryder called NATO "the greatest defensive alliance in history" and said Russia's invasion of Ukraine will be a focus of the discussions.

The attack is also a reminder of why the United States remains committed to working with allies and partners to get Ukraine the air-defense capabilities it needs to defend its citizens and sovereignty, the General said.

Ryder underscored the urgency of swiftly delivering aid to Ukraine while stressing the necessity of developing a comprehensive strategy for the country's long-term defense.

"I think what you'll see coming out of the summit this week is a demonstration of the strength, unity and resolve of the NATO alliance, particularly as it applies to assisting Ukraine in terms of enabling them to defend themselves and their sovereignty," he said.

NATO’s three-day summit begins on Tuesday, July 9 at the Mellon Auditorium in Washington where the treaty forming the alliance was signed on April 4, 1949. NATO allies will meet to strategize on safeguarding their countries amidst the most unstable global security climate since the Cold War.

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