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Norway and Estonia Announce New Aid Packages for Ukraine

Norway, together with other countries, will finance a package worth approximately 150 million British pounds ($190 million) through the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU). The support goes to air defense and maritime capabilities, including radars, anti-drone systems, and small boats.

“We stand together with and support Ukraine for as long as it is necessary. They have an urgent need for more weapons and military equipment. Support through international funds is one of many important contributions,” says Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram.

Norway has previously contributed to securing air defense, mine clearance equipment, transport vehicles, engineer vehicles, pavers, spare parts, and equipment for the maintenance of Ukrainian platforms through the IFU.

Norway has also pledged to donate F-16 fighter jets together with the Netherlands and Denmark.

Estonia follows Norway, allocating €650,000 ($704,000) to support Ukraine’s education system and children affected by the war, particularly those in frontline areas.

This aid comes as eastern Ukraine faces a renewed Russian offensive, displacing civilians and placing a strain on resources for children.

Part of the Estonian assistance will be directed through the nonprofit Eesti Pagulasabi to improve living conditions for vulnerable Ukrainians.

“The people of Ukraine, including young children, are paying a high and painful price due to Russian terror. Daily attacks, especially in the Kharkiv region in recent weeks, have led to the deaths of civilians, destruction of buildings, and the forced displacement of thousands of vulnerable people. It is our duty to support them in every way possible,” said Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna.

Earlier, The Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas reported that Russia is waging a “shadow war” against the West, and that such sabotaging activities from the Kremlin will only increase with time.

Additionally, Norway has announced its new migration policy by tightening restrictions on entry for Russian citizens from May 29.

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