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Over 420,000 Ukrainians Update Personal Data Through New Military Draft App

On May 18, with the enforcement of Ukraine’s updated law on mobilization, the “Reserve+” mobile application for conscripts, reservists, and those liable for military service began operating. 415,094 people had already updated their data through the app.

Overall, over 420,000 Ukrainians have updated their data in two days, the Ministry of Defense reported. Additionally, besides updating their personal information via the app, 2,944 people updated their data through conscription centers, and 3,703 through the Centers for Providing Administrative Services.

“Reserve+” provides the ability to update data and access information in the draft register. It’s designed to fulfill the mandatory procedure of updating personal data related to conscription.

Ministry of Defense spokesperson Dmytro Lazutkin said that the application is already available in more than 200 countries around the world, and within a month it will launch a QR code generation function that will replace the military ID. In essence, it will be an analogue of the COVID certificate, which can be presented to police officers, conscription centers and border guards.

As of May 18, a new law on mobilization has come into effect in Ukraine, and all men aged 18-60 must update their registration data within 60 days.

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