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Police Identifies Father Killed By Russian Strike on Hardware Store in Kharkiv of 8-Year-Old Boy

On May 28 Kharkiv Regional Police reported that they identified the father of a 8-year-old boy killed at Epicenter, a construction hypermarket, during a massive Russian aerial strike on May 25.

“The body of the deceased was identified last night through DNA analysis taken from the boy. Today, forensic experts can already confirm that the body found yesterday belongs to Mykhaylyk’s father. 38-year-old Oleksandr worked at the supermarket. On May 25, the Russians killed him by dropping two aerial bombs on the supermarket at the height of the workday,” the statement said.

The boy and his mother arrived at the headquarters of the investigation unit deployed near the destroyed supermarket on May 26, after they learned of the attack. DNA samples were collected from the boy as he was the closest relative to his father.

As of 6:00 AM on Monday 28, the police have identified 16 of the 17 killed. Search and rescue operations are ongoing.

In the past 7 days, Russia has launched 5 massive attacks against Kharkiv — Ukraine’s second-biggest city.

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