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Polish Deputy Defense Minister Supports Ukraine's Right to Strike Russian Territory

The Deputy Defense Minister of Poland Cezary Tomczyk stated that Poland does not limit Ukraine from hitting targets on the territory of Russia.

"Polish weapons, which we transfer to Ukraine, have no restrictions on hitting enemy territory," the Deputy Minister of Defense told Radio ZET. "Ukrainians can fight as they want and I believe that this is a very important aspect of this donation."

The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said at a press conference on Tuesday, following the meeting of the defense ministers of the EU countries, that some EU countries do not object to their weapons being used to strike targets in Russia.

Borrell noted that some countries had previously opposed using their weapons against Russian targets but had recently changed their position. However, he did not name the countries or the number of these countries.

Earlier, while speaking about allowing Ukrainian forces to strike Russia, Borrell said that he considered it necessary to find a balance between the risk of escalation and the need for Ukrainians to defend themselves.

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