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Russia and Iran Deepen Military Ties with Weapons Deals

The deepening alliance between Iran and Russia poses a growing threat due to their increasing military capabilities, intelligence officials warn.

Iran’s ties with Russia deepened in 2022 when Iran agreed to provide drones and missiles for use in Ukraine. This cooperation has led to further recent agreements between the two nations, including Russia’s commitment to provide Iran with Su-35 fighter jets and advanced air defense technology, according to intelligence officials and weapons experts who spoke anonymously.

The exact number of systems provided and deployed is unknown, but experts suggest that Russian technology could significantly strengthen Iran’s capability to shoot down planes and missiles. These weapons deals are part of a broader collaboration involving co-production of military drones in Russia, sharing of anti-jamming technology, and real-time assessments of battlefield situations against NATO-equipped forces in Ukraine.

Intelligence officials note Russia’s progress in advancing agreements to supply Iran with Su-35 fighter jets, potentially transforming Iran’s air force. Additionally, Russia has pledged technical assistance for Iranian spy satellites and support in satellite launching capabilities. There is no public evidence of Su-35 deliveries yet, possibly due to delays in Iran’s payment for the planes, as suggested by intelligence sources.

The cooperation goes both ways, with Iran supplying Russia with a substantial number of powerful ballistic and hypersonic missiles. The shipment includes approximately 400 short-range missiles capable of striking targets hundreds of kilometers away. The transfer of these weapons underscores Iran’s increasing alignment with Russia and its willingness to defy Western sanctions.

According to analysts, the relationship has evolved beyond a patron-client dynamic, with Russia upgrading Iran from an ally to a strategic partner.

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