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Russia Announces Decision to Change Baltic Sea Borders Amidst Nuclear Drills

Russia has an intention to unilaterally redraw its maritime borders in the Baltic Sea with Lithuania and Finland, claiming additional areas as internal waters. The move, attempted in a government decree, affects parts of the eastern Gulf of Finland and waters near the Kaliningrad cities of Baltiysk and Zelenogradsk.

The decree cites outdated geographic coordinates from a 1985 USSR Council of Ministers decree as the reason for the change. It argues that the old coordinates, based on mid-20th century maps, are no longer accurate and hinder the determination of Russia’s internal sea waters.

The proposed adjustments target areas near several Finnish islands and the northern entrance of the Narva River. On the Lithuanian border, the Curonian Spit, Cape Taran, and the Baltic Spit are under review.

This move has not been recognized by the international community, and neither Lithuania nor Finland has officially responded. However, it comes amidst heightened tensions, as Russia also launched military drills simulating tactical nuclear weapon use in its Southern Military District.

The timing of these events, coupled with Latvia’s recent investment in a new maritime border surveillance system, suggests a growing unease in the region.

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