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Russia is Using AI in Disinformation Campaigns to Target the 2024 Paris Olympics

While Russia has a long history of targeting the Olympics, the Microsoft Threat Analysis Center (MTAC) is concerned that the disinformation tactics are now being supercharged with artificial intelligence (AI). A recent report from the MTAC reveals that Russian influence actors are employing AI in disinformation campaigns aimed at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

According to the report, these actors have been active since last June, disseminating fake videos, images, and articles to tarnish the reputation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and instill fear of violence at the upcoming Games. One prominent actor, known as Storm-1679, utilized AI-generated audio to mimic the voice of actor Tom Cruise in a fake Netflix documentary criticizing IOC leadership called “Olympics Has Fallen.”

Additionally, Storm-1679 produced videos posing as reputable news sources like Euro News and France24, spreading false claims about heightened risk of terrorism in Paris during the Olympics.

Other actors, such as Storm-1099, have also launched similar campaigns targeting the Paris Olympics, including the creation of fake articles criticizing French President Emmanuel Macron.

“Microsoft does not presently have enough information to attribute the video to a specific actor, but its heavy amplification by pro-Russian bot accounts suggests the videos may be another operation in the broader Olympics campaign,” the report noted.

These disinformation campaigns come in the wake of Russian athletes being barred from competing under the Russian flag due to the war in Ukraine. While Russian athletes can participate as individual neutral athletes in the 2024 Olympics, they must undergo vetting to ensure they have not supported the war.

The 33rd Summer Olympic Games, the 2024 Olympics, will be held in Paris from July 26th to August 11th.

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