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Russia Requests UNSC Meeting Over Approval to Strike the Country with Western Weapons


On June 6th, Russia’s mission to the UN announced a request for a UN Security Council meeting to be held on June 14th. This request was made in response to the recent decisions by multiple Western countries to authorize Ukraine to use Western-supplied weapons to strike targets within Russian territory.

The Russian mission stated, “Russia has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council for June 14 in connection with the fact that Western countries have given Kyiv a green light to use weapons supplied by them to strike Russia.”

growing number of nations have expressed support for Ukraine’s right to defend itself using Western-supplied weapons to target Russian positions. These nations include France, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Germany, and the US. They assert that such actions are within the bounds of international law and are justified as a means for Ukraine to defend its territory.

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