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Russian "Patriotic Poet" Soldier on Trial for Murdering Woman in Occupied Luhansk, Stabbing Her 20 Times

Russian "Patriotic Poet" Soldier on Trial for Murdering Woman in Occupied Luhansk, Stabbing Her 20 Times

The Southern District Military Court in Rostov-on-Don, according to Russian sources, has opened a criminal case against Senior Lieutenant Aydin Zhamidulov and Private Alexey Dorozhkin, both serving in an airborne assault platoon, on charges of kidnapping and murder. The case stems from the alleged abduction and killing of Valentina Davronova, a 23-year-old resident of temporarily occupied Luhansk, who reportedly threatened to disclose a romantic relationship with Zhamidulov to his spouse.

Zhamidulov, 28, gained recognition for his “patriotic” poetry during preparations for war in Ukraine. In November 2022, the Russian Ministry of Defense published two messages about Zhamidulov on its Telegram channel, including his poem "Heroes of the Z Special Operation," with a video with Zhamidulov. In the last entry, the officer read the poem and said that his wife and two daughters are waiting for him at home.

Zhamidulov was allegedly involved in a confrontation with Davronova at a café in temporarily occupied Luhansk on January 13, 2023. According to investigative materials, fearing exposure, Zhamidulov decided to “address the situation.”

Reportedly, Zhamidulov informed his subordinates that Davronova had prior military service in Ukraine and was currently engaged in reconnaissance activities. Following this, Zhamidulov and Dorozhkin transported Davronova to their unit's temporary deployment point, where Zhamidulov stabbed her 20 times and ordered her body to be detonated with grenades to prevent identification and determine the cause of death.

As reported by Russian media, three suspects were apprehended and arrested. Pre-trial hearings are underway in the case, and the substantive hearing is expected to begin in the summer.

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