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Russians in Occupied Luhansk Threaten To Deny Mothers in Maternity Wards Custody of Children Without Proof of Russian Passport

A new policy enforced by Russian authorities in the self-proclaimed “Luhansk People’s Republic” (LNR) requires mothers giving birth to present a Russian passport for themselves, or their partner, upon discharge from the hospital. This new requirement has raised concerns for families who lack Russian passports, potentially creating difficulties upon discharge.

Previously, some women in LNR could access maternity care without a Russian passport. However, a new policy mandates checking parents' passports upon discharge. If no parent has a Russian document, Russians threaten to deny them custody of their child.

As was previously reported, Russian authorities are preparing to intensify the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia throughout the Summer of 2024.

Additionally, Russia has been arbitrarily detaining civilian Ukrainians since 2014. The crimes are stated by the new report of OSCE Moscow Mechanism.

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