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Save Ukraine Foundation Rescues 6 Children and Orphans Who Witnessed Russian Brutality of Occupied Territories of Ukraine

Over the weekend, on June 2-3, the Save Ukraine team, a charitable organization, helped three Ukrainian families evacuate from the temporarily occupied territories. In total, six children were rescued. Three of them had lost one parent.

It has been reported that the father of one of the families died in front of his 3 children from a Russian projectile that struck the family’s yard.

“Children from another family witnessed Russian soldiers beating and torturing their father several times. The youngest son of the family even stopped talking after what he saw. But everything did not end with the beatings: the Russians regularly threatened the children directly. They told them that their father would be killed, their mother would be forced to serve the Russian military, and they would be taken to a boarding school. And it was already impossible to live in such conditions,” according to Mykola Kuleba, a former Ombudsman for Children with the President of Ukraine and CEO of Save Ukraine.

The father of another family was beaten and tortured by Russian soldiers, the Save Ukraine founder added.

Earlier, on June 3, Kuleba announced that five orphaned children who were illegally deported by Russian forces were returned to Ukrainian territory by the Save Ukraine team.

Additionally, on May 9, eleven children from the Kherson Region, including two orphans, who were illegally deported by Russian forces, have been safely evacuated from areas under temporary Russian occupation.

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