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Ukraine and Netherlands Discuss Patriot System Delivery in Diplomatic Talks


Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, discussed Ukraine’s support with the new Dutch Foreign Minister, Caspar Veldkamp, including the delivery of the Patriot system. Kuleba shared details of their conversation on his Twitter account, noting it as their first discussion since Veldkamp’s appointment. He expressed gratitude for the Netherlands' unwavering support towards Ukraine.

During their talks, Kuleba highlighted the Netherlands' commitment to providing military assistance to Ukraine, applying sanctions pressure on Russia, holding Russia accountable for its crimes, and addressing the issue of abducted Ukrainian children. He underscored the importance of promptly delivering the announced Patriot air defense system to Ukraine, thanking the Netherlands for its leadership in relevant spheres.

Earlier in the week, Dutch Prime Minister Dick Schoof, who took office following an ultra-right victory in elections, reassured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of continued support.

On June 21, the previous Dutch government announced plans to jointly transfer the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine with another country. In late May, the Netherlands announced intentions, with support from other nations, to collect and deliver Patriots to Ukraine in the near term.

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